How it Works

You can hire our live event collection individually or as a package. Just give us a call to have a chat about what will work best for your event. We’ll explain everything, take details for customised branding and any accessories and give you personal contact details so we can work with you to make sure everything goes to plan.

Our costs start from £295.

If you are using an event planner, it’s easy for us to work with them to add some fun and interaction to your event, so just put us in touch.

Please give us a call to chat about what you need – we can put a full quote together for you that includes any branding, uniform for the hosts who run the equipment for you, and any other ideas that are specific to your event.


We’re also happy to talk about packages for your event, so if you’d like a photobooth and a selfie mirror, or a mirror and a robot, or two robots, just call us and we’ll put a bespoke package together for you.


And remember, our customers quite often end up extending the time our photobooths, mirrors and robots are at the event – and that’s fine with us. We’ll talk you through all the options when you call.




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